About Us


UB Foody is a culinary powerhouse, boasting an impressive portfolio of over 15 distinctive brands that each bring unique flavors and dining experiences to the table. With a commitment to innovation and quality, UB Foody has carved a niche in the gastronomic world, blending traditional recipes with modern culinary techniques. From gourmet eateries and casual dining spots to specialized cuisine outlets, each brand under the UB Foody umbrella offers something special, ensuring that every meal is a delightful journey for the taste buds. Their dedication to excellence is reflected not just in the delicious dishes they serve, but also in their unwavering focus on customer satisfaction and sustainable practices. UB Foody is not just a company; it's a celebration of food, culture, and community, making every dining experience memorable and enjoyable.

Our Managing Director

Success stories captivate us all, particularly those featuring an underdog who ascends to the pinnacle through talent, dedication, and the ability to inspire others. Such is the story of Kashif Nizam Usmani, who, at the young age of 50, serves as the Director of UB Foody. Over his 30-year career, Kashif has honed his negotiation skills, consistently achieving win-win outcomes for his organizations and partners. His strategic acumen, market research, and caring attitude have consistently ensured satisfaction among both external and internal customers. A natural people person, Kashif's enthusiasm and work ethic make him a role model for his team. His innovative contributions to the food industry have led to groundbreaking planning, strategies, product development, and market positioning. He is known for delivering results within budget and ahead of schedule. Kashif's journey from a junior employee to the Director of UB Foody has been marked by sacrifices, especially on the personal front. Known for his availability and unconventional work hours, he is driven by a relentless pursuit of new ideas and their swift implementation. With many more years ahead, the industry eagerly anticipates his next moves. His exceptional leadership has been recognized with the "Excellence in People Development Award of the Year 2012" at the British Parliament in London and the POWER BRANDS LEADERSHIP 2012 award in Dubai for his innovative and dynamic marketing prowess. In the span of 30 years, Kashif has created and nurtured 15 distinct food brands under the UB Foody umbrella. Each brand reflects his dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. These brands, known for their unique flavors and exceptional service, have become household names, setting new standards in the food industry. Kashif's vision and leadership have turned UB Foody into a culinary powerhouse, showcasing his ability to transform ideas into successful ventures. His journey continues to inspire many in the industry, promising even more remarkable achievements in the years to come.

Our Brands


All of our products are fresh and are of the best quality. We never compromise our standards and our customers health.


All of our delicious Food are made with love and devoured with enthusiasm.


We are masked up, staffed up, geared up to deliver the same ol' Good vibes with an all new safety guide.


A nice dining experience is impossible without a healthy and pleasant environment. So our friendly staff; right lighting and soothing music help maintain an ambience which makes you feel at home.