About Us


UB foody is a privately owned International company established in 2002 in New Delhi. It comprises of diversified food chains providing splendid services and working successfully in the span of 20 years.

Our staff forms a tight-knit team. UB foody derives its presence and permanence from original humanitarian values and principles that go hand in hand with development, growth and modernization everywhere and at all times.

Our Managing Director

Kashif Nizam Usmani, the Managing Director, has always been passionate about food. In 2002, he turned his dream into reality by opening his first Chinese restaurant, Mamma Mia. The restaurant aimed to provide fresh and innovative Chinese food in a welcoming environment. Over time, the menu evolved based on customer feedback and the preferences of young students. Presently, the group has established a strong presence in the food industry, with franchises of various brands and expertise in Indian, Chinese, Continental, and Mughlai cuisines.

UB Foody, with over 20 years of experience, has honed its culinary skills in Chinese, Continental, Mughlai, and Indian cuisine. Our deep love for food drives us to offer a wide range of choices to our customers.

Our Brands


All of our products are fresh and are of the best quality. We never compromise our standards and our customers health.


All of our delicious Food are made with love and devoured with enthusiasm.


We are masked up, staffed up, geared up to deliver the same ol' Good vibes with an all new safety guide.


A nice dining experience is impossible without a healthy and pleasant environment. So our friendly staff; right lighting and soothing music help maintain an ambience which makes you feel at home.